Updated: 5/30/2021

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  • I am SO stressed, I got into prison for committing a crime that I didn't even do, now I don't know what to do. I HATE MY LIFE UGH!
  • oh my gosh really??? Thank you, I hate being here. It was a nightmare. I finally am not stressed and can't wait to live life as if it was normal.
  • LA DI DA DI DOO, I can't believe I got away with it! Now, I can enjoy my life and murder more people. MWUAHAHAHHA
  • I need to start controlling myself and stop eating because I am stressed. I just hope the police can capture the actual murderer and find out that I am actually innocent.
  • *Sees the murderer kills the girl*
  • *Takes out gun* *Shoots the girl cutely*
  • *dies in PAIINNNNN*
  • Hey sir, we found the real murderer and we are very sorry for the mistake we have made. Please accept our apology.
  • Meanwhile...
  • Look sir, I have no idea what you are talking about, I am proven to be innocent. I haven't murdered anyone.
  • You know exactly what I am talking about, I caught you first hand you are now going into jail for 70 years.