The Spanish-American War
Updated: 1/8/2020
The Spanish-American War
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  • Cuban Rebellions
  • Sugar Cane Plantations
  • The USS Maine
  • It was you!
  • Spain put over 100,000 Cuban citizens in reconcentration camps, which had very poor conditions. Cuba used Yellow Journalism to exaggerate the harshness so the U.S. would help.
  • President McKinley
  • Keep the Peace!
  • We demand:
  • At first, the U.S. didn't want to get involved, but then the Cubans burned American sugar cane plantations to get the U.S. attention.
  • Demands
  • The U.S. sent their ship, the USS Maine, to the Havana Harbor to enforce good "behavior" in Cuba. When the ship blew up, they blamed it on Spain.
  • End of War
  • December 1898
  • Okay, we agree
  • President McKinley still didn't want to get involved because he wanted to keep the conflict peaceful.
  • So he sent a list of demands to Spain. Spain agreed to all except Cuban Independence. McKinley got mad and declared war. The war was short and had very few injuries and deaths.
  • War: April 11th, 1898
  • Demands1. Pay for USS Main2. End re-concentration camps3. A truce with Cuba4. Cuban Independence
  • Spain and the United States signed the Treaty of Paris. The US also bought the Phillipines, Puerto Rico, and Guam for 20 million dollars.
  • Treaty of Paris
  • The End
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