To kill a mockingbird
Updated: 12/3/2020
To kill a mockingbird

Storyboard Text

  • Atticus Finch is defending Tom Robinson in court for a charge of rape.
  • The kids sneak into the court in the "negroes" section.
  • Page 216
  • Mr. Tate the sheriff is called to the witness stand. When asked, he stated that he didn't call a doctor.
  • Oh yes, that'd make it her right. it was her right eye, Mr. Finch. I remember now, she was bunged up on that side of her face.
  • Page 193
  • Mr. Ewell is called to the witness stand and he too did not call a doctor. When asked to write his name he is left handed.
  • Atticus asks more questions and eventually gets a nod when he asks "Except when he's drinking?"
  • When Mayella Ewell is called to the stand, Atticus finds a weak spot.
  • He's does tollable, 'cept when-
  • Tom Robinson Testifies and the entire audience thinks that he's won. Later, the jury accuses him guilty even though evidence says otherwise.