Updated: 11/2/2020

Storyboard Text

  • There were once two boys born in Ancient Greece one named Sean and the other named Ivan.
  • They were dipped into a magical bath. One bath containing hot water and the other had ice cold water, which gave them the powers they had to this day.
  • As the two got older the townspeople learned to love Sean and his powers of warmth and sun He made sure that whenever the townsman walked out of their homes; they were greeted by a warm gentle breeze and glistening golden sunlight.
  • As the town continued to adore Sean, they had neglected his brother Ivan. The town did not idolize Ivan at all, rather they were terrified of him. They feared his powers and they believed he could make any crop dry, and any man weak. So they locked him up.
  • Ivan grew jealous of the attention and love his brother was getting.
  • Soon a gloomy day came upon Ancient Greece.