Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 3/3/2020
Romeo and Juliet

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  • The way she leans on her cheek, if only I could lay my hand on hers and touch her cheek!
  • Oh Romeo, where are you, couldn't you be anyone else but Romeo...
  • If I could have chose my name I would not have chose a name that is your enemy
  • Romeo what are you doing here?!
  • At the beginning of the scene Romeo is watching Juliet and admiring her from afar. Juliet does not see him or realize that he is watching her.
  • These walls could never keep me from loving you. My love for you is stronger than their swords.
  • How did you get past the high walls? If anyone sees you here they will kill you!
  • Juliet, still not knowing that Romeo is outside listening and watching her, begins to talk to herself about Romeo. She talks about how she has fallen in love with him but she wishes she didn't because he is her enemy.
  • I swear on the moon that I-
  • Don't swear on something that's always changing. Swear a vow that we will be married
  • Juliet finally sees Romeo was outside and is embarrassed that he could hear everything she was saying. She didn't intend on him knowing how she felt. But he responds saying that he would choose a different name if he could.
  • Send them at nine! Ill see you at the wedding tomorrow sweetcheeks!
  • I will send someone your way to tell me where we will be married!
  • Juliet begins to question how he even got over the tall walls. She warns him that he should not be there because if anyone were to see him he would be killed. But Romeo begins to vow his love for Juliet saying he would do anything to see her.
  • Romeo starts to vow his love for Juliet on the moon but Juliet stops him saying that the moon is always changing. It takes her awhile but eventually she tells Romeo to vow his love for her in front of God at there wedding.
  • It gets really late and Romeo must go home and start preparing a wedding. They decide on a time that Juliet will send someone to Romeo so he can tell them where the wedding will be. They then say there goodbyes and Romeo leaves.
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