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Rock Cycle Part 1
Updated: 10/7/2020
Rock Cycle Part 1
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  • The Beginning of the Rock Cycle:
  • "Hi! My name is Basalt the Igneous Rock! I was formed by cooling magma inside of the Earth's Crust."
  • Forming into Sediments- Weathering and Erosion is Key:
  • Sedimentary Rock-Compaction and Cementation:
  • "Wow! Who knew that Weathering and Erosion could move a thing as simple as a rock to a whole new place!
  • "Since I am now a Sedimentary Rock, I guess my name will change too. From now on I am known as Sandstone!"
  • It was a dry day at the desert. I couldn't wait to transform into millions of sediments; that's when I would finally start my journey through the hardships of the Rock Cycle.
  • Thanks to weathering and erosion, also known as my best pals: water and wind, I am able to transform into millions of sediments! "Whoah! I think I am transforming already! Hey, wind, watch where your blowing! Water knock that off!"
  • "Ouch! This compaction and cementation really hurts! It feels like I am being squeezed together with lots of pressure, which I am. But at least I am now a sedimentary rock! I can't wait to find out where other parts of the Rock Cycle will take me next!"
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