Updated: 2/11/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Will: Good morning everyone, hows everyone's Friday going
  • Joe: honestly this morning wasn't the best
  • Margret: It's going great love the positive attitude!
  • Margret: Joe whats wrong you look like you have something on your mind
  • Joe: To be honest I had bad morning. Nothing seemed to go right
  • Margret: Well not every-thing is perfect and i'm always here for you
  • Joe: I guess your right and thank you for asking
  • Will: Morning guys "sighs"
  • Joe: Good Morning Will. What seems to be the problem you don't seem yourself
  • Will: Just had a argument with my daughter this morning before work
  • Joe: well things will get better i promise you are a great hard working boss so don't let the beginning of your day ruin the rest
  • Will: I guess your right after all there's no harm in a good mood
  • Joe: Exactly what I'm saying and if you ever need me just come talk to me