Updated: 1/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • D´Artagnan gets in to a boat to England.The duke sees the ribbon.
  • There are only ten diamonds on the ribbon.Where are the other 2?
  • The duke gives the ribbon to D´Artagnan.He gives the ribbon to the queen.
  • Thank you for my ribbon D´Artagnan,you ae very brave!
  • The next day D´Artagnan goes to Lady winter´s house
  • D´Artagnan,I know that you were in Lonos.Why were you there?
  • I like traveling
  • Laady winter gives D´Artagnan a ring
  • That ring is a present i gave to my wife!Is Lady Winter bond?
  • Yes,but she says her husband is dead
  • A wore starts between France and England.DÁrtagnan hears sooting
  • Boom
  • D´Artagnan arrives home he sees a bottle of wine fom hs frienda the 3 musketeers
  • Let´s drink it toether.
  • This isn´t from my friends it´s fom Lady Winter
  • He drinks a little and he dies