Aurangzeb's Rule (for social studies)
Updated: 2/3/2021
Aurangzeb's Rule (for social studies)

Storyboard Text

  • I'm afraid I can't father. Now say goodbye to all your power that's going to me!
  • In order to gain power, Aurangzeb kills some of his family members, and imprisons his own father.
  • Aurangzeb stop this nonsense at once! Power doesn't make you happy!
  • After what Aurangzeb did, he was not allowed to become emperor for 21 years. He had to be patient and wait until all 21 years were over.
  • When the 21 years passes, Aurangzeb became leader. He overspent his money on army/war supplies. This left him with little money to help his people and kingdom.
  • Around this time, Aurangzeb makes a law that all Hindu's have to ask permission to build Hindu temples. Also, they are not allowed to have anymore Hindu fairs because Aurangzeb was hoping Non-Muslims would convert to Islam.
  • If the Hindu's disobeyed Aurangzeb and built temples and had fairs, he would burn them down. This left the Hindu's shocked, upset, angry, and most importantly, eager to rebell.
  • The Hindu's had enough, and decided they should rebell against Aurangzeb and the kingdom. This resulted in destruction and madness. However this also sparked the end of the Mughal Empire,