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Updated: 11/12/2018
Assignment Idea
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  • The Woods
  • The Jogger
  • The Body
  • The show opens with a shot of the woods and calming classical music in the background. -Use a wide-shot of the Dams to use as the woods. -Use natural light as it will be shot down the dams. -No props will be needed in this shot.
  • The Phone
  • A woman is jogging through the woods nearby a school that she teaches at. -Use a long-shot to show her distance. -Use natural light. -She will wear sporty types of clothes.
  • The Waiting Room
  • The jogger then discovers a dead body nearby and realises that it's a teacher from the same school she works at. -Use a close-up to panning shot to show her reaction before the camera shows the body. -Fake body part props. -Natural light.
  • The Psychologist
  • She quickly phones the police. -Use a medium-shot that would show the jogger using her phone to call the police. -Natural lighting. -Phone prop.
  • 999
  • Celia is sitting by herself in a waiting room and is obviously really nervous about what the pscyhologist has to say. -Use an extreme close-up of her face to show her emotions. -Chair, table. -The character would wear casual clothes.
  • The Psychologist tells Celia that she has bipolar Disorder, so she has a breakdown. -Use a panning shot between the psychologist and Celia as he tells her the news. -Chairs, tables, bin. -Celia would wear casual clothes. -The psychologist would wear smart clothes.
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