Updated: 12/7/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Act 1
  • "Thou woudst be great,Art nit without ambition,but without The illness should be attend it."
  • Act 2
  • He started to feel guilty.
  • Act 3
  • He got people to kill ban quo because he was gone to be kill just basically out of spite.
  • Act 1 he showcases Ambition when lady Macbeth acknowledges that her husband is an ambitious man. Basically, he is driven to be a great leader/king.
  • Act 4
  • He shows ambition by killing Duncan to get what he wants and the word ambition means is to a strong desire to achieve something. He did it to become the king of scotland.
  • Act 5
  • "life but a walking shadow,pour player that strut and frets his hour upon the stage and the is heard no more.it is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury,signifying nothing".
  • Macbeth's troubles and faults like he was ruthless and hungry for power. He kills ba
  • summarzie
  • This show foreshadows and macbeth downfall.
  • To show Macbeth defeated.
  • "your highness part is to receive our duties are to your throne and state children and servants;which do but they should by doing the everything after towards your love and hon our"
  • This just shows how he was fearless and how at the end he started to feel guilt and defeated.
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