Charles Darwin cognitive abilities evolution in Humans
Updated: 6/12/2020
Charles Darwin cognitive abilities evolution in Humans
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  • Goodafternoon Larry. Have a sit, We will be reviewing memory today.
  • Good afternoon MR. Darwin. Thank you!
  • Let's review memory in humans and it's relationship to natural selection.
  • Yes. Well according to what we have seen it's a cognitive ability that has Evolved in humans for Survival purposes.
  • Yes that's exactly it! One of our ancestors must have had a situation where using his or her memory helped them solve a problem or run away from danger.
  • Then it must have had all the requirements to make it a natural selection.
  • Yes of course or else it cannot be considered as one. Memory happens in different forms such as sensory memory, long term and short term memory depending on the situation.
  • Okay that makes sense! And that would explain that ever since that one human ancestor it has been passed on from generation to generation in its different forms.
  • Yes Larry that is exactly it ! Furthermore because it did not only vary, pass on from generation to generation but it also managed to survive amongst other trait as the environments were changing, it was selected by nature.
  • Okay that's right! But how was memory adaptive
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