P6 Elena Schoonover Perry.

Updated: 9/17/2021
P6 Elena Schoonover Perry.

Storyboard Text

  • Safety procedure #16take ABC initial action (CPR,airway,stop bleeding). lie down if chemical was not swallowed, keep upright if chemical was swallowed. if there are neck or back problems don't move. Elevate head for head injuries, feet for other injuries. cover with blanket for warmth, reassure the victim. keep them calm, tell them what your doing to help them. call nurse #6706 of 911 if necessary
  • I'm gonna throw up....
  • *faints*
  • my back hurts...
  • are you okay?!
  • got it!
  • go call the nurse and ask for help
  • try not to move as to not hurt your back more okay? help is on the way
  • okay...