Maria - Forms of government
Updated: 2/4/2020
Maria - Forms of government
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  • I'm Hitler and I'm mean! muhahaha!
  • Dictatorship
  • I'm convincing you to believe me so you do what I say, I am also convincing you of whats good and whats bad, because without an army I can't do anything
  • Monarchy
  • I'm the queen but i'm really just a decoration.
  • I’m the prime minister and i have all the real decision making power here.
  • Democracy
  • I'll vote for mall!
  • I think we need a new community pool
  • these are the ideas the public voted on.
  • new building construction publics ideas-pool, school, mall
  • Dictatorship is when one person or a small group of people that have full control over everything, and they decide everything, and no one has a voice. It is often confused with totalitarianism, but it isn't the same thing, as a totalitarian would have control over people's personal lives too.Dictators often place threats to those who don't agree with them.
  • Communism
  • Here is your 100$ and here is your 100$.
  • Constitutional Monarchy is when the king/queen are mostly representative, and they other people that make decisions. Like Queen Elizabeth, she is more of a representative than a decision maker. Absolute Monarchy is how monarchy was in the past, it means the king and queen, (mostly the king) have all the power, and make all the decisions on their own. An example is king Ferdinand of Castile.
  • Oligarchy
  • This is an example of Constitutional Monarchy
  • Direct Democracy is when the public gets to vote in every decision the government makes, but this is often unrealistic where there is lots of people, and example is Switzerland (or was, in 2019). Representative Democracy is when the public can vote on a person who makes decisions for them. A Past example is Greece.
  • Anarchy
  • This is and example of direct Democracy.
  • Communism is a society where the government wants everything and everyone to be equal and have equal amounts of everything, though sometimes this goes a little bit too far. In a communist society you own nothing private, and everything is evenly given to everybody, no matter what they do to earn it. A present example is Cuba. A past example is Russia
  • But i'm a doctor and I work 4x the shifts he does!!
  • An oligarchy is when a person or a small group of people rule over a certain place for selfish and/or corrupt reasons. A present example is the koc family in turkey, they rule because they are wealthy. A past example is South Africa.
  • darling, I have decided that because we are wealthy, we should rule the country!
  • An anarchy is a form of government where there is no ruler, and everyone lives freely. An example of the past is Spain, during the second world war. And example of a present Anarchy is none. Since there was no rules in an Anarchy, anarchies in the present would be chaos.
  • I'm Only 7 but this is an anarchy so I'm going to drive this car! wheee!
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