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Outsiders Sign Post
Updated: 12/3/2018
Outsiders Sign Post
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  • Sign Post: Memory Moment pg. 31- pg. 34 Ponyboy remembers why Johnny is so scared of getting jumped because of the last time. Ponyboy found him hurt badly because a soc beat him up. Why- Pony has a flashback when Johnny got hurt badly. He goes back inside his memory, and he describes his experience when he and the rest found Johnny injured.
  • Sign Post- Ah-Ha Moment pg. 71 Ponny finds out that Johnny is going to cut and bleach is hair. Why- Pony was looking through the bag Johnny got, and he found peroxide. He eventually found out that Johnny was going to changed his hair,
  • Wait.....NO
  • Sign Post: Contrast & Contradiction pg. 143-144 Dally shows up to the rumble Why- Since Dally was in bad condition to fight, it was a surprise that he showed up to the rumble. He got his arm burned at the church fire, so he was supposed to be resting in the hospital until the arm was better. Usually you are unable to fight when you are hurt or else it might hurt even more, but Dally still showed up to the fight with a burned arm.
  • Dally!! How are you here?!
  • Sign Post: Word Wiser pg. 147 Dally tells Pony, "You get tough like me and you don't get hurt. He advises Pony to get stronger so he can take care of himself." Why- Dally gives Pony wise advice due to Johnny dying. He wants Pony to protect himself unlike Johnny did.
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