The five laws comic
Updated: 2/8/2021
The five laws comic

Storyboard Description

This is all the 5 laws but as comics

Storyboard Text

  • Mr. Garcia running over a student...
  • This is what you get for making an old joke about me
  • AHHH, you old bastard, you are violating the criminal law
  • Mr. Garcia doing graffiti on school property because he is mad
  • HAH, this is what you get for taking alway all the bagels in the morning
  • Yes i know this is against civil law but gurl they took my bagels
  • Mr. Garcia talking to his bestie about taxes
  • *Bestie* gurl isn't that violating case law
  • Sis you know what I'm don't feel like paying my taxes, gurl you know what.... I'm not.
  • A child drinking and stealing money
  • HAHA, they will never catch me
  • I know this is violating juvenile law, but ahhh
  • Mr. Garcia watching the news
  • CHILD REALLY!!! That is violating Constitutional law
  • *News*The government decided to take alway amendment 1,3, and 4, from us humans
  • The EndingAlso I hope this is not offensive, it was for comedy reason only