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Updated: 10/23/2019
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  • Sophie finds out Cap gave her the bracelet during the driving test.She then she started to cry,and she starts to feel bad of how she treated him She decides to go find him
  • Back at Garland, Cap feels sad and whants to go see his friends and dicided to go back to C-Average, as he goes back to C-Average Sohie finds him and takes him to the school.
  • As Cap and Spohie get to the school everyone is dressed like hippies. they are so confused but soon they find out that the school thinks cap is dead. People are making speeches about how cap changed them.
  • When Cap reveals himself people are so surprised to see that he is alive. Cap then says an individual good bye to everyone. After this, Zach decides that he should just be friends with Cap because he is a good guy
  • As Cap says goodbye to everyone it makes Zach feel bad about how he treated Cap. As soon Cap fineshed he went home with Rain, but some time later Cap got arrested for driving with no licence. As Rain goes to pick him up he finds out Rain sold Garland and Cap gets to go back to C-Average.
  • As Cap finds out Raishe tells him thatn had sold Garland Cap finds out that Rain ai letting him go back to C-Average and be with his friends, cap was happy.
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