Roll of thunder hear my cry
Updated: 1/2/2020
Roll of thunder hear my cry

Storyboard Text

  • They got splashed by the pudle on there way to school.
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  • Papa comes home and brings Mr Morison home to have a man at the house to protect the family and also he got fired for starting a fight with the whites because he was talking to the white's wife's
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  • They dug a hole in the ground to get the bus stuck so during lunch they sneak off and dig a hole and on there way home they see a bus in the hole and they were happy.
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  • they get into a fight at the walces store TJ and Stacey did because Stacey told his ma that he was cheating/
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  • Cassie accidentally walked into Lilian Jean and the dad pushed her off the sidewalk and made Cassie apologize.
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  • We were going for a ride and then we meant the Wallace and the bridge and they let us go because they thought we were Mr. Granger.
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