Unknown Story
Updated: 12/1/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • the voice the dude is talking about is an echo
  • just a historical old suit
  • quite no need to panic
  • hey girl do I look heroic huh?
  • so much more being athletic
  • hey wake up It is at least better than traffic.
  • ha music to my ears.
  • where is your dog buddy to save you now?
  • get ready to meet your new master.
  • stop mimicking me voice!
  • he is out cold
  • yes bow. bow before your master!
  • do you need to see me do it huh?
  • bow more heroically.
  • this is going to be drastically bad
  • a jail cell in a way
  • next time I am just going on a picnic .