Unknown Story

Updated: 10/7/2021
Unknown Story

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  • This is your seemingly perfect, ordinary, upper-middle-class family; The Richardson's
  • Izzy, the youngest, has always known that she is a little different, she has magical powers. The rest of her family has always viewed her as an outsider.
  • One day, Izzy got suspended from school, making her very angry because she was unclear of what the problem was.
  • When Izzy got home, Mia (who cleans the house) had a conversation with her, making her believe that if she sees injustice, it is her right to fix it.
  • The day Izzy came back, she decided to use her powers to melt all of the locks on the doors, so no teacher or student could get into the classrooms, causing havoc, but all for justice of course. Her brother, Moody, was surprisingly impressed.
  • Another thing she had locked was the teacher lounge bathroom. The teacher that suspended Izzy was so adamant about going to the student bathroom that she peed her pants before she could make it to the bathroom, leaving Izzy very satisfied.