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Boy 21
Updated: 10/11/2018
Boy 21
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  • His dad has him shoot 100 shots to get away from the troubles in his life. His grandpa has had his legs cut of by a gang, his mother dies and he lives in a very bad part of town. Those are just some of the examples of the hardships he endures throughout his life.
  • Shoot until you can make 100 shots in a row
  • Ten years later Finley and his girlfriend train for their up coming senior season of basketball. Finley being the point guard on the team is not a high point scorer but Erin on the other hand has the potential to be a WNBA All-Star
  • Finley's coach asks him to talk in his car about a new student. When the coach talks about the new student he says that his parents were recently murdered and he was in a very bad place mentally. The only thing was he might have been the number one point guard in the country (the position that Finley plays).
  • When the new student arrive Finley has no idea what he has gotten in to . When the new kid arrives he asks Finley to adress his as Boy 21 from outer space. Finley tries his best to help him conceal his alter ego in school and life but in the end his efforts fail. Boy 21's basketball skills were not known by anyone but Finley and the coach but when they started to lose the game because of Finley's errors it is Boy 21's turn to shine
  • The coach asks Boy 21 to play instead of Finley and this is when people reveal the true identity of Boy 21. He becomes unstopable in the game and scores point after point. He becomes a legend at the school and Finley fall in his shadow. Meanwhile during the game Erin, Finley's girlfriend was hit by a car and her career is ended and to try and take care of her Finley quits the basketball team
  • In the end of the story Finley has been sepperated from his girl friend and has not seen her for weeks. Then he gets a letter About where Erin has been the whole time and why she left and with it is a train ticket which he uses to leave his family and the horrible town he grew up in and lives with Erin . Boy 21 became a large college prospect and went on to be very successful in life.
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