Montag, Mildred,Clarisse
Updated: 1/13/2021
Montag, Mildred,Clarisse

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  • Faber and I were working on a great plan to plant books in others home but i was caught
  • Hi i'm Montag and i enjoyed my job, i burn books. I have a wife, Mildred.
  • right now im on the run because i killed beatty and the authorities ae=re after me
  • Now I secretly have books and I cant let anyone know. Clarisse has helped me to not follow rules
  • Hi I'm Mildred, I'm Montag's wife. I had an overdose.
  • I rely all on technology. I watch shows and i dont care for books. I follow societys norms
  • I'm Clarisse. I'm outgoing and not afraid to ask questions.
  • I helped Montag truly discover who he is. I'm not a big fan of technology
  • Im the chief firefighter. I want to protect the people and i use aggression if need be. I follow the rules
  • I know many quotes from books and quikly surprise Montag with the facts i know
  • I'm Faber, I'm a professor. I help Montag learn the meaning of books. I was skeptical at first
  • Montag and i are working on a plan to plant books in other people homes
  • I'm granger im a very smart Hobo. I want to preserve books and teach