Frank Movie - Social Studies
Updated: 2/16/2020
Frank Movie - Social Studies
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  • Such a thing cannot come for free; I must have something in return.
  • I believe that with your guidance, I will be able to become king.
  • Clovis wins a battle and sees a cloud with a cross, which is the symbol of Christianity. After he wins the battle, he converts to Christianity as he believes that is what helped him win. Also, he wanted to unite his kingdom.
  • In the blue uniforms are the Frankish army and in the red uniforms are the Arabs. The Arabs have cavalry and spears while the Frankish army just have swords. Even though they are outnumbered,the Frankish army are holding their ground.
  • Pepin goes to the Pope in hopes that the Pope can help him become king. The Pope says that he can do it, but he needs things from Pepin in return as such a big task cannot be done for free.
  • A soldier is doing random house inspection. No one answers the door, so the soldier is getting ready to force the door open with his sword.
  • Roland is trying to keep the soldiers from entering their land and is buying his soldiers some time. He is fighting the enemy's soldiers while his soldiers are getting more people to help fight.
  • Louis, who is devoted to God, is sometimes depicted carrying the symbol of the cross. This shows his dedication to God and Christianity. Louis was even nicknamed "Louis the Pious" to show how devotional he was.
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