Updated: 2/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Mayor Eugene Talmadge is dead!
  • I'm Ellis Arnall I am mayor!
  • I'm Herman Talmadge I am mayor!
  • I'm M.E. Thompson I am mayor!
  • I was second in the election I should be mayor!
  • I am Eugene Talmadge's son, I should be mayor!
  • I was elected Lt. Governor, I should be mayor!
  • Yes, but I think there should be a special election so the people can vote too.
  • I think that M.E. Thompson should be mayor, he has the experience.
  • Yay! I won in the special election!
  • It is time to make a change. I walk in the footsteps of my father and with that I say that the white primary are over. Everyone should be aloud to vote!