Updated: 2/13/2021

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  • If they won't let me buy booze, I'll make it myself. Let's hope it doesn't kill me.
  • As long as the police don't find us, we should be fine. In any case, a bit of cash in the right hands will get us anywhere.
  • Now that alcohol is illegal, we can import it from Canada and sell it well.
  • It's a lot harder to get a drink now that the bar is closed. Maybe I'll be able to find a speakeasy?
  • My wife will be glad to know that I'll be going dry.
  • Well, you sure took a long time to find us. You're outnumbered and underpaid. How about I let you in on some profits and let you be on your way?
  • Police! Freeze!
  • If the Chicago police thinks that they can bust my alcohol ring, they're dead wrong. They weren't prepared for Al Capone.
  • Prohibition did cut down on some of the US alcohol consumption, but the government was just not prepared for the social lashback and the increase in violent crime and gang activity that a new illegal substnace brought on. Prohibition taught the US that Americans get what they want. If that's alcohol, they will get it. Just because the government wants something to happen doesn't mean that it will be successful. It also pretty much ended temperance around America.