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World Religion Assignment
Updated: 10/1/2020
World Religion Assignment
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  • Long ago, people and animals lived together in harmony, sharing the land equally.
  • But one day, the humans multiplied too much and began to hunt and destroy the homes of the animals.
  • The bears held a council to find a way to protect themselves.
  • We must use their own bows against them!
  • But our claws are too long to pull the strings
  • Then we must cut off our claws!
  • No, without our claws we cannot dig, for food or climb trees to escape our enemies
  • Better we give up this bow idea and rely on our claws and teeth in our attempt to save us from the human enemies.
  • If one of our tribe shall be struck down, I will go to their body and ask their spirit if the hunter has thanked the deer.
  • The deer too, held a council and agreed that upon death, a human must ask for the deer's pardon and say a prayer to thank the deer.
  • If not, I shall follow the hunter to his cabin and strike him with rheumatism. So he may become cripple.
  • Soon every creature had met up with their own tribe to discuss ways of hurting the humans back.
  • We shall create the most terrible dreams for the humans.
  • We shall give the darkest nightmares.
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