Antigone Scene 1 Comic Strip
Updated: 12/19/2020
Antigone Scene 1 Comic Strip

Storyboard Description

Who is Creon, Sentry, and Choragus? What are their personalities?

Storyboard Text

  • Very stubborn king who would choose his pride over family. (Sophocles, Scene 1, 121-123)
  • Find who it was and kill them.
  • King Creon
  • Sir, someone buried Eteocles.
  • One of the wise old men who lie their loyalty to royalty. (Sophocles, Scene 1, 48-49)
  • Help find the traitor. And don't side with them.
  • We are yours. What shall we do for you?
  • Choragus
  • A soldier who reports anything suspicious to the king. (Sophocles, Scene 1, 58-65)
  • Who on Earth would go against King Creon, the king of Thebes?!
  • Sentry
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