Futuristic City

Updated: 5/30/2020
Futuristic City

Storyboard Text

  • Go to ship
  • Luxoni: I really want to go to Earth. Do you want to come?Zacitoni: But- but that's forbidden! Won't we get in trouble?Luxoni: It will be fine. Come on.
  • Luxioni: Alright, lets go to the ship! Ready?Zacitoni: I'll never be ready, but I'm not letting you go to some planet we know nothing about by yourself.
  • Luxioni: I'm so excited. What will we find?Zacitioni (thinking): Hopefully something that won't want to eat us.
  • Luxioni: What is all this? Zacitoni, Come out here!Zacitoni: Is there a bloodthirsty monster ready to eat us out there?
  • Bob: Hey, nice costumes!Luxioni: Um, these aren't costumes. We just came from the moon.Bob: Ha, you guys are so funny. Here, follow me.
  • Bob: Here is my house. Come inside.Luxioni (Whispering to Zacitoni): He lives in a house. I thought those were only in fairytales.Zacitoni (Whispering to Luxioni): I know. This is so weird.