China's Reunification and Development
Updated: 1/16/2020
China's Reunification and Development
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  • The Fall of the Han Dynasty 
  • My Emperor, you have to give up your throne!
  • No!!! But, I will do what's best for me. I will give up my throne :(
  • I am Li Yuan and I have control of eastern China after the Han Dynasty fell.
  • Li Yuan
  • We will follow you, my lord! You are our Savior.
  • The Rise of the Tang Dynasty
  • The streets of the Tang Dynasty are bustling with people trading, and doing things in their everyday life.
  • The last ruler of the Han Dynasty was Emperor Xiandi. He was not a strong emperor and her was forced to give up his throne. Under his reign his government was corrupted.
  • The Tang Dynasty's Inventions
  • The Grand Canal 
  • We on our way to Europe to trade silk and other goods.
  • Li Yuan was a general during the Sui Dynasty. When the Sui Dynasty collapsed, Li Yuan lead several groups and conquered eastern China.
  • The Rise of Song Dynasty
  • Surrender now! I am Taizu!!!!!!
  • I am sorry men, but our army is too weak. I must surrender!!!
  • The Tang Dynasty was founded by Li Yuan. He focused on the good ideas and avoided the mistakes of the Sui Dynasty. The Tang Dynasty was an age of prosperity and had many new developments.
  • The Song Dynasty's Inventions
  • No cheating and good luck!
  • One of the most important development in the Tang Dynasty was the Grand Canal. The canal helped improve trade and travel throughout the empire and brought more wealth to the country.
  • Hello! Where are you going?
  • The military inspector-general Taizu seized the throne and founded the Song Dynasty.
  • No you must not!!!!!
  • The Song dynasty leaders created a civil service exam, a test taken by the candidates for government jobs. These tests stressed the teachings of Confucius.
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