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Unknown Story
Updated: 3/30/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Wide shot (to show setting) / Zolly into the gun.
  • Wide Shot
  • Close up ( to emphasize Rogers anger)
  • Mood: scary,sad ; Wide shot ; slow zoom into the gun; Low Key Lighting; Synchronous. After weeks of getting bullied and his mother's cancer journey Roger finally got tired of everything and decided to bring a gun to school and scare the bullies off.
  • Medium Close Up
  • Mood: Angry, chaotic; Wide shot; zolly in on Rogers face; High Key Lighting ; Non-Diegetic sound to add intensity. In Ms. Honey's class, Zayn and Nichole Started kicking Roger, he tried to ignore it for as long as he could but then Nichole threw a paper ball at him which read "Your wear and worthless, nobody likes you."
  • Dutch Angle
  • Mood: Irritated, annoyed; Long Shot; Bottom or Side Lighting; Non-Diegetic, Synchronous. Roger couldn't control himself anymore and opened his bookbag, took the gun out and slowly stood up with anger in his face.
  • Wide Shot / Close up into money.
  • Mood: Sad, intense; Medium close up; Bottom Lighting; Non-Diegetic. Roger passes the gun to Skyler.
  • Mood: fearful, depressed; Dutch Angle; Synchronous. Roger gets suspended from school for 2 months and serves time in juvenile but while serving time he gets help from a therapist and she helps him change.
  • Mood: Positive, cheerful; Wide Shot; High Key Lighting; Synchronous. Months pass by and Skyler gives Roger the money she has been saving up for his mother's Chemotherapy. Roger and Skyler start dating and both started living a positive life.
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