SS project
Updated: 11/25/2019
SS project

Storyboard Text

  • I have no money!
  • there is trash EVERYWHERE!!
  • When most immagrants came to America, they didnt have much money. They were so poor that some of them couldnt even afford food or clothing. Most people tried to get a job, but it was very low pay. (This is Jack, a Irish immagrant)
  • No Irish Needed
  • The only place that anyone could sleep ( other than the streets) were tenements. They were very small rooms that a lot of people slept in at a time. there was a lot of over-crowding in cities, like New York.
  • In the cities, there was trash EVERYWHERE. Normally the trash pickup came once or twice a year. yep, twice every year. that means there was trash stuff everywhere. and I would guess it was not very sanitery.
  • Achoo!
  • Lots of the immagrants, like the irish, were discriminated. Lots of places did not want people to be working there, or have anything to do with them. Immagrants didnt have jobs and had no money.
  • Eventually gangs were formed. they would steal peoples money, food, etc. they were not very good for the cities. they even threatened people. they often lived in neighborhoods called ghettos.
  • Becaus of how filthy the streets were, diseases were spread. They spread through person, to person. It was not very fun, and dont forget that people would sleep together in a small tenement.