Harrison Bergeron
Updated: 2/16/2021
Harrison Bergeron

Storyboard Text

  • In the year 2081, equality reaches a new peak. Nobody is smarter, stronger, or better looking than anyone else. To make sure of this, handicaps and weights are placed among citizens who are more diverse than others to provide them with obstacles in hopes to balance society. The U.S Handicapper General enforces these amendments.
  • Exposition
  • Hazel and George get their fourteen year old son, Harrison taken away in April for suspicion of attempts to overthrow the government. Unfortunately, the parents cannot feel the remorse due to the handicap radio in George's ear that creates loud sounds and Hazel's unfortunate ability to only think about anything in short bursts. George has it tougher because his intelligence is above normal and Hazels is average.
  • Conflict
  • At home, Hazel and George are watching the ballerina's on TV which are held back with "sashweights and bags of birdshot" whilst having masks on so no one would be better looking than anyone else. Meanwhile, George finds himself tiresome and frail due to the forty seven pounds of birdshot that locked around his neck. The TV is suddenly interrupted for a news bulletin, claiming that their son Harrison has escaped from prison and is more powerful than ever.
  • Harrison has escaped prison and he is extremely dangerous!
  • Rising Action