Updated: 2/14/2020

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  • Mom, I don' t have an appetite and my head hurts.
  • Honey, how are you feeling? What's wrong?
  • Can we go see my doctor please?
  • You haven' t been eating and you' ve lost a lot of weight.
  • Yes of course sweetie.
  • Hi I'm Oncologist Jeffrey. With the test with took of Jimmy, we found Leukemia. I see there is bruising all over him.
  • Oh my goodness...my little boy *mom starts crying*
  • We can treat the cancer with chemo and radiation. He will be taking Cytarabine.
  • The chances of survival varies among patients and it will be difficult but he' s strong.
  • He will lose his hair and he will become very tired which will impact his life
  • You're not that special. Every kid can do that. Haha JK good job sweetie.
  • Mommy look at me!!!