lyndon baines
Updated: 2/10/2020
lyndon baines

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  • Ethos
  • This excerpt from Lyndon Baines Johnson's speech shows an example of Ethos. He connected back with his audience by talking about his personal life. He says that he has lived in Capitol Hill for a while and has shared lots of his own life moments. This shows that the audience can trust him because he talks about personal issues.
  • "For 32 years Capitol Hill has been my home. I have shared many moments of pride with you, pride in the ability of the Congress of the United States to act, to meet any crisis, to distill from our differences strong programs of national action."
  • Pathos
  • This section of Johnson's speech connects to the audience. He tries to make the audience feel sad and feel sorrow for the nation. He does this in order to persuade them. Johnson wants to persuade the audience to help the nation and help him throughtout his journey of becoming president.
  • "The greatest leader of our time has been struck down by the foulest deed of our time....No words are sad enough to express our sense of loss. No words are strong enough to express our determination to continue the forward thrust of America that he began."
  • Logos
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson says that even though he asks for help from citizens of the country, we still have allies. He thaks the United Nations and "rededicates" the Governemnt for what they have done. HIs logic is that he asks for help, but he recognizes the help that he does have.
  • "From this chamber of representative government, let all the world know and none misunderstand that I rededicate this Government to the unswerving support of the United Nations, to the honorable and determined execution of our commitments to our allies..."