Updated: 3/9/2021

Storyboard Text

  • adoption is one of are local rights i just got back from the adoption center and adopted sally here and you are also alowed to go and adopt someone
  • adoption is where you take care of a kid that is not your real child she takes care of me and keeps me here even though she is not my mom
  • all learning is important even if it is just two plus two we are learning about the loacal government
  • taxes are used to give money to the government so he can pay for the city and make it clean or healthy or make roads other wize we have no city
  • I just got back from shopping and my toatal was $7.95 but i had to pay $8.00 that extra 5 cents are taxes
  • wow there is so much litter here i hope that soon the government will come and help with all of the trash because there is way to much of it
  • every day my mom tells me to take the dogs and go play at the park every park is free because they are serviced by are government its safe and fun
  • hi i am the driver lisense giver you can now use your car to get places once you have you lisenses