Credit Worthyness
Updated: 2/13/2020
Credit  Worthyness

Storyboard Description

Summative Project

Storyboard Text

  • West Fargo Bank
  • Hi there, I was wondering If I could apply for a car loan. Do you know where I should go for that?
  • Yes you can! Right this way please and I will show you to our loan officer.
  • Loan Officer
  • Hi there, before we give you a car loan, we need to look at some of your financial aspects.
  • Alrighty! What do you need to know?
  • Loan Officer
  • First we have to look at your creditworthiness and credit report. This will determine if you are eligible and trustworthy enough to get a car loan
  • Oh yeah! That's like my credit score, collateral, character, etc.
  • It looks like your credit score is 500. That's not good at all. Do you know why your credit is so hurt?
  • Yes but it is also because you have 8 maxed out credit cards and have failed to repay them back as well.
  • No I don't know why! Is it because I missed a few payments on my house?
  • But there are some ways you can build your credit score back up. You can pay all of your bills on time and you can pay off your debt while keeping your card balanced low.
  • That also means paying off your credit cards and limiting yourself to only one card.
  • Your credit score determines your lifes most important purchases like your car, house, apartment, and most importantly for some people, student debt.
  • Unfortunately I cannot give you a loan today because your credit score is so low.
  • Its fine. But now I know what I need to do in order to bring my credit score back up and one day get that loan.