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Updated: 8/30/2020
AP PeTa 1.1
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  • Ok, thank you!
  • Hi mom! I was browsing online for the mouse you told me to buy. I found a lot of options but I decided to go with this one since it seemed like the best deal.
  • Should I buy this movie or watch it for free on a pirated site?
  • I'm sorry but you can't. Since we're in ECQ right now, we aren't allowed to go out and get haircuts.
  • Dad, can I get my hair cut? It's getting really long now.
  • I had the freedom of choice to pick the mouse that I thought was the best deal for its price and quality because of our mixed economy. Albeit having rules and tariffs that businesses and consumers have to follow, there is still competition and freedom of choice in the market.
  • Noo!! Things are going to be more expensive now!
  • Mom! Shopee charges 2% tax for all transactions now!
  • Because of our freedom, sometimes we abuse it and go against the law because we know we won't get caught. In this situation, she did not want to pay to watch a movie and instead watched it illegally to save some money.
  • Look! There's a discount if we buy the food in-store!
  • During the ECQ, we were not allowed to go out and get hair cuts and other services like massages or spa treatments since people are in close contact for these activities and they aren't necessary. This shows the command economy in our mixed economy because the government wants people to stay home as much as possible to flatten the COVID-19 curb to lessen the impact it has on society and also the economy.
  • Mom, I think we should just order the e-book instead of buying the physical school book so that we can practice social distancing.
  • Shopee is a buying and selling marketplace that charges tax. Shopee is a good example of a mixed economy because people have the freedom to choose what product they want and there is a lot of competition on this platform but the government also controls a small part by charging tax.
  • During the community quarantine, there are a lot of restaurants and stores offering discounts and deals if you buy their products in-store so that they can generate foot traffic that they lost due to the pandemic.
  • Wow! Sounds like a good deal but its too dangerous to go out now, we should just stay home.
  • Because of the pandemic, lots of people prefer to use online books or e-books over physical books to practice social distancing. We are given the freedom of choice for what type we'd like to buy.
  • Sure!
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