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Savannah Richter storyboard #1
Updated: 9/23/2020
Savannah Richter storyboard #1
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  • Storyboard #1- Savannah Richter
  • The Adventure Begins
  • Sailing from Troy
  • The Adventure Begins, Sailing from Troy, The Lotus Eaters
  • Sailing from Troy
  • In the beginning it is showed that Odysseus fought hard for his life and wanted to get his men home after battle , but they were too "reckless" and he couldn't bring them all home.
  • The Lotus Eaters
  • Odysseus comes to Calypsos island and falls in love with her, while Circe is on a different island and also falls in love. But her doesn't stay long and quickly moves along to a new adventure.
  • The Lotus Eaters
  • When they stopped, many of the men made bad decisions and got drunk and feasted so when they went back out to sea there were six empty seats.
  • Zeus created a horrible storm that made them go off course and end up on the land of the eating lotus. When they got to the land of the eating lotus, they started eating t he lotus flowers and got to a drunk like state. They lost memory of who they were, or where they came from and wanted to stay there forever.
  • Odysseus has to tie his men up on the ship so they wouldn't escape. They did not want to leave the land of the eating lotus and were crazy and out of their minds when they heard they had to leave. It was a struggle to get back out to sea but Odysseus got it done and they went on their way.
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