Diffusion and Osmosis redo
Updated: 1/6/2020
Diffusion and Osmosis redo
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Diffusion and Osmosis redo

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  • Oh, ok!
  • Ok, that sounds easy!
  • What would you like to learn about diffusion and osmosis?
  • Oh, hi! What are you doing here so late?
  • I wanted to come here to learn something about diffusion and osmosis.
  • About what it is.
  • Diffusion is where the certain particles can pass through the cell memebrane.
  • While osmosis deals with water only.
  • Oh... ok, i think i'm starting to get it now!
  • Do you know more about diffusion and osmosis?
  • Are you sure?
  • I don't know, let me think for a while...
  • No, nevermind, it's almost 3:00 AM!
  • Why don't you know more about diffusion and osmosis?
  • Do we have to go over the unit again? After school?
  • First, I don't know why, and second, please no.
  • You may have to go over the unit once again.
  • Ok then, let's get to it tomorrow then, shall we?
  • Ok, I give up, I'm going to re-learn the unit all over again.
  • Ok.
  • GREAT! You may go now.
  • Alright, ready?
  • Diffusion and osmosis are both types of passive transport, which takes no energy. Diffusion and osmosis is a little similar, just that diffusion is just particles, and osmosis is water passing. But they are the same difference.
  • I think I get it now.
  • Yes.
  • END!
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