julius caesar
Updated: 12/2/2020
julius caesar

Storyboard Text

  • We love you Caesar!!
  • NO I don't want the crown!
  • i warn you Caesar beware of the ides of march!
  • Caesar is my friend but has to much power i must join the others and kill him. FOR ROME!!
  • Brutus please tell me what is going on! don't you trust me!!
  • He will be fine calpurnia i will be with him!
  • should I go? I will I don´t want to let rome down!
  • Caesar Don't go my dream said you would die!!
  • Bathe your hands in his blood!! the tyranny is over!
  • We killed Caesar!!
  • Caesar has left money and land for you!!
  • You are great antony! we hate brutus!
  • antony's army is coming we should go there first and kill them.
  • fine we agree we will go there because the time is right
  • no let the enemy come to us!
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