Fast break book club
Updated: 3/10/2021
Fast break book club

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  • I think that this is my fault for being selfish at the end of the game
  • At the end of the More Land game Jayson's coach told him it wasn´t Jayson's fault they lost the game and he said that there whole team made mistakes. But Jayson still felt like it was his Fault
  • The next few games all Jayson could think about was that play he didn't get much sleep and was off his next few games. But they still won the next games until the play More land again.
  • Jayson hadn´t seen Zoe in a while and he was walking past the diner when he heard laughing and saw Zoe and Eric Sitting in a booth and they were both laughing
  • Mrs Lawton told Jayson that when she was younger she was like Jayson mad and that she also was a good basketball player like Jayson.
  • They won the last game so that they could move onto the Cameron indoor game so that Jayson could be noticed by scouts
  • Jayson finally made it to Cameron indoor his dream for a long time but he wasn´t with the team he expected he was with his new team the one he led to Cameron indoor.