royal life

Updated: 5/19/2020
royal life

Storyboard Text

  • What a beautiful morning. time to get ready to hear from the nobles again.
  • better put on my under shirts, stockings, corsets, padding, petticoats, skirts, bodices, ruffs, and separate sleeves. Corsets and padding for figure, petticoats went along with bodices and skirts to show color and elaboration.
  • Queen Annabel I would like to increase tax in my territory in order to gain more money and "help out the peasants".
  • I think that is unnecessary. but i will not stop you if you wish to.
  • yes, I will give you the money in a short while.
  • Your Majesty, I would like to request more money and troops for the small war with France
  • time to eat meat and white bread with our own personal knives and silverware, while drinking wine and mead.
  • *Shakespeare stuff*
  • finally time to sleep.