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Updated: 10/5/2021
Madeline Puente - Storyboard

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  • Exposition
  • "Go visit your dear grandmother and give her those treats. Be safe!"
  • "Will do!"
  • Conflict
  • "Oh! Hello, who are you?"
  • "I am Willow, who are you? Why do you have that basket?"
  • "What's in there?"
  • "Can I have some?"
  • Rising Action
  • "What am I going to do now?!"
  • "Yummy soda pop!"
  • There was a little girl who wore a little red cape with a hood. She was told by her mother to visit her grandmother and give her some cake and soda pop. The little girl was told to walk quietly down the path to her grandmother's house, not only for her own safety but also to make sure she wouldn't ruin her grandmother's cake and soda pop.
  • Climax
  • After talking with her mother she was off on her journey. She followed the path into the woods leaving her small village behind. While walking she met a mysterious wolf. The wolf tried to get to know her better.
  • Falling Action
  • Although the little girl did not know exactly what the wolf's intentions were, she wanted to get to know the wolf more. So, she showed the wolf what was in her basket. When doing so she realized the wolf was eyeing her grandmother's soda pop. The wolf was dying to drink some of the soda pop. He quickly grabs the bottle and ran, ran as fast as he could.
  • Resolution
  • The little girl screams as if she was getting murder. She knew that her grandmother needed the cake and soda pop. But, she didn't know what to do. She knew her grandmother would get sad, she knew she messed up. Either way, she would get in trouble for not following her mother's directions. So, she just decided to continue to go to her grandmother's house in hopes of her accepting the cake she brought her.
  • "I hope my grandmother will like this."
  • When walking down the trail to her grandmother's house she finds the same wolf who stole her soda pop. The little girl confronts him about running away. The wolf explains why he did it, this leads the little girl to be astonished. She never realized that the wolf was going through his own tough times.
  • "Can I have my soda pop back?"
  • "Yeah, I guess".
  • Both the wolf and the little girl make and accept amends and become friends. They decide to both go to the little girls grandmothers house and shared the cake and soda pop all together.
  • "Thank you for giving my stuff back!"
  • "You're welcome!"