Generational study
Updated: 1/31/2020
Generational study
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  • Good morning Carla! We are going to interview different people to help learn more about cyberbullying and its possible negative effect on teens.
  • Welcome back to Facts News! Today we are learning about the life of teens throughout the years, let's get started Carl
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  • imessage from Billy:ur ugly
  • Baby-Boomers
  • We had to deal with the assassination of JFK, the Vietnam War and many more but we still learned to have fun and enjoyed ourselves. We did not know of this depression or anxiety stuff they all claim to experience.
  • Cyberbullying? What is that? Back in my day when you were bullied you were beat up in the back! Those kids use phones for everything now. Gosh! They have it easy!
  • Have you ever heard of cyberbullying?
  • What about depression?
  • Millennials
  • Let's learn more about cyberbullying!
  • What about mental health and their hardships today?
  • What do you know on cyberbullying?
  • I knew of cyberbullying in my day but it was not as big as it is now
  • iGens
  • Today teens are experiencing a new type of bullying through their devices: Cyberbullying. Over 80% of iGens say that they use their cell phone regularly and over 25% of adolescent teens have experienced cyberbullying.
  • imessage from Billy:u r stupid
  • I feel so alone in this world, like I shouldn't even be here
  • Ugh! Billy is so mean to me, I never did anything to hurt him
  • Over half of teens that do experience cyberbullying do not tell a trusted adult so most can not comprehend the things certain teenagers can endure because they are caught up in their own life experiences.
  • Most teen millennials did not experience the effects of cyberbullying because social media and personal devices were not as advanced as they are today.
  • We had to deal with things such as 9/11 and the energy crisis with oil and those teens are talking about how awful depression really is, like c'mon man toughen up!
  • Some iGen teens experience the effects that cyberbullying and social media have on their thought process. Cyberbullying victims are more likey to have low self-esteem and consider sucide.
  • I'm Carla Johnson, and I'm Carl Smith, thanks for watching Facts News!
  • To sum it up, teenagers nowadays experience the effects of cyberbullying more than any before. Which can deplete their mental health state. Though they might not have experienced more hardships than other generations
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