St. Basil’s Stark Message to the Rich
Updated: 5/23/2020
St. Basil’s Stark Message to the Rich

Storyboard Text

  • St. Basil: In the event that you are an American with more than what you need, in my eyes you are viewed as a sinner.
  • Rich American: Do you have the right to consider me a sinner? I have not even once taken off another man or lady, rich or poor.
  • St. Basil:It is crazy that you can stroll around expensive belongings and clothing! Where have the things you currently have come from?
  • Rich American: I have bought these things with my own cash that I have spared throughout the years. I have never taken cash from any other person.
  • St. Basil: For what reason would you say you are rich while that other man is poor? Is it, maybe, all together that you may get compensation for sympathetic actions?.
  • Rich American: I set off for college, earned a degree, and have been working. I work 40 hours a week.
  • St. Basil: When someone does not have clothes and another person fails the naked is that right? You should give what clothes you have spare.
  • Rich American: That is a fascinating point you make there. I never thought along these lines since I was fortunate enough to not struggle.
  • St. Basil: There is a genuine inconsistent appropriation of riches in this nation. Many people cant afford school which leads to a well paid job after.
  • Rich American:I find it sad people do not get the opportunity I was given. I should be grateful and give back.
  • St. Basil: There are many places you are able to give back to those less fortunate.
  • Rich American:You have opened up my eyes for sure! thank you. I will be giving back what I do not need.