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comic ingles
Updated: 8/21/2020
comic ingles
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  • hey sam, do you se that hause in there, the one that cost an arm and a lag
  • yes, what's up with that hause?
  •  lets make a joke to alex saying that in there are a lot of candies, because he have sweet tooth
  • ok, but I will stick my neck out.
  • did you se that house in there? It was an old candy shop that now is closed but we know that there are candys, do you want someone's?
  • what do you want to tell me william, I am all ears
  • of course
  • I am getting cold feet.
  • ok?
  • ho are you?
  • hello?
  • come here
  • came here if you want the candys
  • william, stop pulling my leg and open the door!
  • I am a demon, if you don't say my name you wouldn't get out of here
  • ok, we see eye on eye
  • I dont know
  • ok, I will go, but please give me a hand
  • ok, but you will have to pay me 10$ for this, and if something pas, I will wash my hands of this
  • why alex didn't came back?
  • do you have to face the music and go and get him
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