Senuja's Reading

Updated: 10/12/2021
Senuja's Reading

Storyboard Text

  • Yeah sure why not!
  • Lidenbrook Sea It shall be!
  • Where's our ship? Is it broken!
  • I think that is a perfect idea master! It is such a beautiful sea
  • I'm not ready to be civilized by this new dude. Does he even live here, got no idea?
  • So off went Hans, Axel and Professor Lidenbrock went off to sea in the search to find the center of the earth! They were very excited when they remembered they're hometown Grauben.
  • Bon Voyage!
  • It's a sea monster. We're all going to die, it's going to smash us to smithereens.
  • How are we going to get back home, withOUT even a ship. WE SHOULD NEVER HAVE DONE THIS MISSION!