a long walk to water
Updated: 5/23/2020
a long walk to water
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  • At school: "BOOM!" bullets and soilders come down to the school smoke and dust they were the "rebels" Children are running to saftey hiding looking for safety.
  • Whats happening!? I want to go home but i have to hide.
  • Southern Sudan, 1985
  • Salva: "I ran until I could not run anymore"
  • I've been walking for hours and away from home... When will i ever see my family again
  • "Loun-Ariik! The village of Loun-Ariik, here!"
  • " The tears were hot in Salva's eyes."
  • After Salva ran far away from the dust and smoke he found a group of people. But when he woke up one night at the barn...
  • Why why? Why would they leave me? I promise I wouldnt cause trouble. What will I do now.
  • The war only started 2 years ago Salva never really understood much but the "rebels" went agaisnt the goverment. The North and the South part of Sudan are at war and the rebels started shooting at Salva's school.
  • The Journey Through the Akobi desert(chapter 9)
  • Salva is only eleven and he's seperated from his family not even knowing where they are. No one he knows of is in his tribe is even here, "he was alone." Maybe even kids younger than Salva are suffering the same thing.
  • A terrible loss...
  • "One step at a time...one day at a time just this day to get through."
  • Why did everyone leave him left alone? The thing is Salva knew because he was just a small child only 11 he would probably hold everyone back asking for water needing to rest. But how would Salva get his own water to survive and know where to go alone.
  • The trip even starting at the desert didnt turn out well. There was an estimated time when they get out which was three day and only on the first day breathing was an effort and at times Salva can barely think or see. But he pushed through everytime.
  • "Can you do that Salva Mawien Dut Ariik?"
  • Those bushes over there i want you to walk as far as them
  • I can barely think or walk right because of the heat 
  • I *wipes eyes* can barely see the bushes theylook way too far
  • While the group, Uncle, and Salva made it throught 2 days of the desert they finally saw some green trees in the distance but then they encountered some soilders. Tied up and shot. Boom he was gone just like that and they left with all of their belongings...
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