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Updated: 1/27/2020
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  • Throw all the tea off!
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Boycott British Tea!!
  • Boston Massacre
  • Bostonians
  • Stamp act
  • Do not pay the tax, and protest against England's acts.
  • The Boston Tea Party was a night when Bostonians secretly boarded a ship with British tea , and they threw all of the barrels of tea overboard. The Boston Harbor was filled with British tea and after a few months was closed off by the King.
  • The Boston Massacre was a tragic event when five colonists were shot and killed by out of control red coats. Bostonians were taunting the British soldiers and the meet got heated. Shots were fired at the colonists, and this event really starting leading to the war.
  • The Stamp Act was a law passed by parliament putting a stamp on all purchased British Goods. The Sons of Liberty organization was formed to intimidate tax collectors and protest the Stamp Act.
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