Russian REV
Updated: 1/31/2020
Russian REV
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  • Bolshevik Revolution
  • i will now take over!!
  • World War I
  • Decisions, decisions?
  • Lenin in control
  • peace, land and bread. That is what we all must need
  • In november 1917 the bolshevik revoultion takes place. It was led by Lenin. They had overthrew the proviosional goverment led by Alexander K. It took place when the peasents and the working class people of Russia recolted against the goverment by Nicholas.
  • March Revolution
  • Nicolas II made a harmful choice which had Russia go into WWI. Plenty of soldiers were exhuasted,hungry,and weak. Many people passed away up to eight million were killed.Everything ended reavealing a weakness of czarist rule.
  • Industrailization in Russia
  • Dad when are we going home?
  • Lenin once returned from exile. Lenin overthre the provisional goverment. and made quick actions as the new leader. His new slogan was "peace. land. and bread". He had became the new leader to the bolshevks.
  • Civil War
  • We Won !
  • The March Revolution was on March 1917,workers that were women went on a strike. The strike had riots rise up the shortages on bread and fuel. The workers kept chanting " Down with the war!" Soldiers went sent to end the riot instead they end up joining them.
  • Down with the war
  • Industrailization began around the 1890's during the Russsian Revolution.Working conditions were terrible.Children getting ripped off,but still working a grown mans job.In 1903 thats when industrailization increased their were two groups that split up the bolsheviks and Mensheviks.Lenin ruled but was ruthless.
  • During the Russian Revolution the Red Army was against the White Army,from 1918-1920. The Red army leader was Leon Trotsky.The Red Army defeated the White Army.After winning the Red Army the Bolsheviks proved they were able to take care of and keep power.
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